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Sanne Schuurman x Naresh Ramdjas

What happens when the worlds of design and gastronomy come together? In this episode of Hungry for Design: designer Sanne Schuurman and chef Naresh Ramdjas.

About Sanne & Naresh

Sanne Schuurman
Sanne Schuurman is a designer, art director, and one of the co-founders of Envisions. Envisions is a collective, consisting of 23 designers, with a shared fascination for material research. The goal of the collective is to offer the industry new perspectives on materials, techniques, and production facilities.

Naresh Ramdjas
Naresh Ramdjas is a chef, food stylist, finalist of MasterChef Holland, and designer. During his studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven, he noticed that edible materials are much easier to design with than let's say wood or metal. Nowadays he is a curator and chef of Creative Food Studio and pop-up initiative Nareshtaurant.

Gerecht Naresh

Recipe by Naresh

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Unforgettable vegetables
About the host Annelies Hermsen
As a food designer, daughter of star chef Toine Hermsen and Design Academy Eindhoven alumna, Annelies speaks the language of both chef and designer.

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