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Marina Toeters x Sabine Feron

What happens when the worlds of design and gastronomy come together? In this episode of Hungry for Design: designer Marina Toeters & chef Sabine Feron.

About Marina & Sabine

Marina Toeters
Making fashion innovative through wearable technology is how Marina Toeters is making a name for herself in fashion and far beyond. She designed a shirt with heart rate sensors, a blouse that corrects your posture, and a skirt with OLED lights in the fabric. Marina studied Fashion Design and is co-founder of Fashion Tech Farm and TU/e's expert in fashion technology. 

Sabine Feron
Food at Phood is plant-centric, ecologically grown, and geared towards an alkaline diet. Sabine Feron is the founder, chef, and creative mind behind Phood Kitchen & Phood Farm, the first aquaponic farm restaurant in the world. Her dishes are healthy, sustainable, and also surprisingly delicious. Combining innovative technologies and unprocessed food, she and co-founder Timothy Elfring are creating a new Phood standard.

Marina Toeters
Sabine Feron

On the collaboration

As two self-proclaimed modern farmers, Marina and Sabine are by definition a perfect match. Both are trying to answer the question of how technology can contribute to human health. Combine their thoughts, and you get an uplifting bone broth with vegetables straight from the aquaponic farm.

Dish Marina Toeters & Sabine Feron
About the host Mounir Toub
Mounir Toub learned the ropes of the trade from his mother and top chefs, including Robert Kranenborg. You may recognize his face from television: he was a chef on tv shows such as 24Kitchen, and Kook Mee met MAX. In addition, he is a teacher and hopes to inspire young talent.

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