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Philippe Rol x Shiran Mieras

What happens when the worlds of design and gastronomy come together? In this episode of Hungry for Design: architect Philippe Rol & chef Shiran Mieras.

About Philippe & Shiran

Philippe Rol
According to Philippe Rol, architecture has the potential to function as social glue. As co-owner of Atelier to the Bone (AttB) and NUL ZES, he wants to connect the urbanite to the city. He does this with CPO meer&deel and the establishment of Het Eindhovens Woongenootschap. With his partners, Jeroen van Aerle and Beerd Gieteling, he has already won the Young Architects Award twice.

Shiran Mieras
The classic French cuisine may be the basis for his creations, but Shiran Mieras gets the inspiration for his dishes from all around the world. Since the beginning of this year, you can experience his worldly creations in World Kitchen by Shiran in Eindhoven. Shiran is by no means a novice in the culinary world. He gained experience with top chefs, such as Yves Mattagne and Sergio Herman. He was also appointed sous-chef of The Jane.

Philippe Rol
Shiran Mieras

On the collaboration

Working with what is available is a concept that both architect Philippe and chef Shiran can relate to. The seasonal products (hello fall!) are the fundament of their dish.

Dish Philippe Rol & Shiran Mieras
About the host Mounir Toub
Mounir Toub learned the ropes of the trade from his mother and top chefs, including Robert Kranenborg. You may recognize his face from television: he was a chef on tv shows such as 24Kitchen, and Kook Mee met MAX. In addition, he is a teacher and hopes to inspire young talent.

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