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Rocco Verdult x Casimir Evens

What happens when the worlds of design and gastronomy come together? In this episode of Hungry for Design: designer Rocco Verdult & chef Casimir Evens.

About Rocco Verdult & Casimir Evens

Rocco Verdult
Designing the convergence of people. That may sound a bit vague, but Rocco Verdult of the similarly named studio makes it very concrete. From the decoration of a corporate event, to a social project that connects residents: social designer Rocco gives it a creative and personal twist. 

Casimir Evens
Casimir Evens rose to great heights in Eindhoven. Literally and figuratively. Since 2017, he has been wielding the scepter at restaurant and sky bar VANE – on the highest floor of the Groene Toren. Before this, the Eindhoven-based Casimir cooked at Zilte and Pastorale, two-star restaurants in Belgium.

Rocco Verdult
Casimir Evens

On the collaboration

Finding a common denominator doesn't have to be complicated: Casimir and Rocco have something in common with Woensel-West. This colorful district has undergone quite a transformation in recent years, which isn't always easy to spot with your feet on the ground. The dish offers a different perspective, a top view of something that strongly resembles a city district.

Dish Rocco Verdult & Casimir Evens
About the host Mounir Toub
Mounir Toub learned the ropes of the trade from his mother and top chefs, including Robert Kranenborg. You may recognize his face from television: he was a chef on tv shows such as 24Kitchen, and Kook Mee met MAX. In addition, he is a teacher and hopes to inspire young talent.

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