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VANTOT x Jesse Goyvaerts

What happens when the worlds of design and gastronomy come together? In this episode of Hungry for Design: designer duo Esther Jongsma and Sam van Gurp of Studio VANTOT & chef Jesse Goyvaerts. 

About VANTOT & Jesse

Street lighting that searches for the sun itself, and many other intriguing light installations: that is Studio VANTOT by Esther Jongsma and Sam van Gurp. They met at the Design Academy Eindhoven. After their graduation, they joined forces and combined their love for light and movement. Nowadays, they shine their light far beyond our borders, for clients at home and abroad. 

Jesse Goyvaerts
Three brilliant chefs in one family? That's the Goyvaerts family. Together with brothers Jip and Yelle, Jesse Goyvaerts creates magical dishes at Victoria by Goyvaerts and restaurant Goyvaerts. In their careers, Jesse has worked in many starred kitchens, including that of Jacob Jan Boerma.

Jesse Goyvaerts

On the collaboration

Light is an essential pacesetter in both the studio of VANTOT and the restaurants of Jesse Goyvaerts and his brothers. Not surprisingly, a light bulb went off when they sat at the drawing table—the result: a luminous plate that puts the carefully selected ingredients in the spotlight. 

Gerecht VANTOT & Jesse Goyvaerts
About the host Mounir Toub
Mounir Toub learned the ropes of the trade from his mother and top chefs, including Robert Kranenborg. You may recognize his face from television: he was a chef on tv shows such as 24Kitchen, and Kook Mee met MAX. In addition, he is a teacher and hopes to inspire young talent.

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