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Like a virgin: 8x Tourist tips for locals

Hey Eindhoven people, let’s take you on holiday in your very own city. Even if you have lived here for years, you will surely discover new things with a fresh pair of eyes. Have you ever been to Volta Galvani? Or can you guess where the new urban forest will be? With these tips, you will discover your beloved Eindhoven all over again!

Know your hoods

Okay, first, a brief orientation. For the sake of convenience, we have divided Eindhoven into six dynamic districts. From Woensel-West to De Bergen. We’ve collected a good amount of tips for each district over the years. Before delving into our guide, here’s what to expect: the coolest cultural spots, great vintage shops, and exceptional coffee bars. Also, make sure to check out the fun facts per area (and learn where Albert Einstein once stayed. Spoiler: at the Natlab. He held a lecture there in 1923 about quantum puzzles). Now you know!

Crash course architecture

Eindhoven is, and probably will be forever, a city in transformation. We keep redeveloping old Philips factories and redefining our skyline with dazzling new architecture. But do we remember what the city looked like at first? Eindhoven in Beeld has listed all the changes, and created walking routes (in Dutch) along the best 'places of change'. There are five walks, each of which shows you a different part of the city. For example, route 2 takes you along the VDMA site on the Vestdijk, where a new urban forest will be created (we're not talking about a small parkhere, but serious stuff with a forester and all). The routes are free to download and take up to an hour each.

Get a guide

You can also go all the way as a tourist and let an enthusiastic city expert guide you. You will surely learn new things. Every Saturday at 11 am, a city walk departs from Eindhoven Tourist Information in the station.  (please register in advance). Fab040 also hosts English-language city tours every Saturday. For enthusiasts, we have listed some more cool city tours and walking tours.  


Cool things on hot days

Done walking? Then it's time to cool down your body and mind. Settle down in one of the local parks. Or find a quiet spot by the water (or almost by the water). For fresh inspiration, a museum visit is always a good idea. Are temperatures simply too high? Then switch directly to our five tips to beat the heat. Eindhoven to the rescue!

The ultimate city trip to Eindhoven

Well, you decide what your ultimate trip looks like. Although we have to we do have an idea about it. For instance, how we would spend 48 hours in the sunny south. Want to take matters into your own hands? On this page, you can easily create your ultimate city trip to Eindhoven with the help of various guides, such as budget-friendly activities and things to do outdoors.

Foodies off the beaten track

In need of more food inspiration? Then check out the list of Best kept secrets. These restaurants are necessarily hidden, but are a bit more off the beaten track. You know, less known than other restaurants. We bet you don't know them all.


Do look up

Might we suggest an evening stroll and some people-watching on Kleine Berg? After that, head to one of the many side streets and wander through the city. Don’t forget to take a good look around! You might have noticed how many murals there are. We share quite a few on our Instagram account @eindhovencity. Or, check out our series Walls with Paint, where photographer and artist @Lukedaduke tells you the stories behind unique street art. You probably cycle past these places every day. Now you have the time to marvel at them! 

Cheers to your inner tourist

Dedicated, innovative, and easy-going, Eindhoven brewers are a special breed. And they make the perfect partner to end the day. You can find them at Van Moll and Stadsbrouwerij, among other places. For more beer tips, check out this fun list

PS Don't want to go home yet? Staying the night is always an option.